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Visdoc, crafted by Taurus HCIT, is a revolutionary Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system tailored specifically for PIMG Medgroup's clinicians who extend their services to patients residing in Nursing homes, Assisted Living, and Independent Living facilities. While it possesses all the standard features of a traditional EMR, Visdoc stands out with a set of unique functionalities that cater to the specific needs of its users and their patients.

Exclusive Features of Visdoc:

1. Referral System Integration: Visdoc seamlessly integrates with []

(, streamlining the referral process for patients needing pre-surgical clearance.

2. Facility EMR Integration: Through the advanced combination of Robotic Process Automation and AI, Visdoc is able to effortlessly download patient data from facility EMRs and upload clinical notes, ensuring a cohesive flow of patient information.

3. Instant Communication with Home Health Companies: With just one click, clinicians can send patient clinical notes to Home Health agencies, enhancing coordination and patient care.

4. Telemedicine System with Crowd-sourcing: Visdoc is equipped with an integrated Telemed system that includes a unique crowd-sourcing feature, ensuring broader accessibility and better patient-clinician interaction.

5. Billing System Integration: One of Visdoc’s standout features is its ability to integrate with any billing system, providing flexibility and easing the billing process for healthcare providers.

Discover the future of healthcare IT with Visdoc.

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