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Our Story

At Taurus Healthcare IT, our story began with improving and growing PIMG's perioperative practice, leading to Perioperative centers of America.


We then worked with our partner PIMG Medgroup to help it grow from a small medical group to the large healthcare company it is today, with multiple lines of practice. We made it our mission to revolutionize healthcare management through innovation and commitment to excellence.


Over the years, our passion for streamlining operations, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes led us to expand our services to include IT, Billing, Consulting and Process Optimization services.


Because of our experience over the years, we are now offering these services to other medical practices to help them grow and become more efficient.


Dr. Jamal Lone

Dr. Jamal Lone


Dr. Jamal Lone is an experienced internal medicine specialist with a passion for healthcare innovation. With 20+ years of experience, he has expertise in various aspects of healthcare management and has served on boards of multiple organizations. His dedication to patients and medical expertise make him a valuable asset to the Taurus Healthcare Solutions team.

Alex Abraham

Alex Abraham


Alex Abraham is a former IT Director with 20+ years of experience in software development and a strong healthcare industry background. At Taurus Healthcare IT, he leads the design and development of innovative healthcare software solutions, focusing on creating intuitive, user-friendly tools that streamline processes and enhance patient outcomes.

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