top of page is a website that was created to assist patients with the educational information that they need before their surgery. It has two powerful tools that help patients become knowledgable about their surgery as well as the risks involved.

AI Chatbot:

  • Instant access to a knowledgeable and responsive AI chatbot on

  • Convenient and user-friendly platform for getting answers to your surgical queries

  • 24/7 availability for assistance, ensuring support whenever you need it

  • A reliable source of information on personalized perioperative care and surgical procedures

  • Interactive and engaging conversational experience with the AI chatbot

  • Seamless integration with PreopCustom's advanced algorithms for personalized insights

  • Assistance with understanding surgical risks, preoperative preparations, and postoperative care

  • Guidance on available resources, educational materials, and expert recommendations

  • Enhanced patient empowerment and engagement through interactive conversations

  • Confidential and secure platform for discussing your surgical concerns

  • Explore the power of AI technology in shaping your surgical journey on

  • Experience the Future of Surgical Assistance with's AI Chatbot!


  • Personalized perioperative matrix tool designed for surgical care

  • Customized risk assessments and testing recommendations based on your unique health profile

  • Advanced algorithms and medical data for accurate and precise assessments

  • Enhanced patient safety and improved surgical outcomes

  • Streamlined perioperative process for healthcare providers

  • Reduction in unnecessary tests, surgeries, and healthcare costs

  • Alignment with value-based care principles

  • Empowering patients with personalized insights and informed decision-making

  • Integration support for seamless incorporation into existing systems

  • Continuous learning and updates for enhanced accuracy and reliability

  • Comprehensive training and customer support for optimal utilization

  • Patient-centric approach promoting shared decision-making

  • Contributing to a healthier, safer future for surgical patients

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